Monday, June 22, 2009

IESM Pb & IESL Punjab & Chandigarh: Joint Protest Rally- meet DC and present Memorandum

IESM Pb & IESL Punjab & Chandigarh: Joint Protest Rally- meet DC and present Memorandum

Dear Friends,
1. We joined Revenue Department Rally at Ludhiana on 22/6/09. Hall was full of supporters from all over Punjab including about 100 prominent ESM, Org/ NGOs, in support of PCS Maj GS Benipal the ESM victim. He was medically Boarded out as Battle casualty due to leg broken injury, after 10 yrs, as SS Offr from Arty/ Fd Regt.
2. Main ESM: Col Bhag Singh, Brig TS Toor, Col SS Sohi, Col AS Bhinder, Cpl JS Kumbrah, Col CS Khera, Sgt Sikander Singh, Capt PS Gill, Col Sodhi, Col Zora Singh, Col BS Dukhia, Col BS Grewal, Col RS Sohi, Col Surjit Singh...
3. Incident narrated by eye witness colleague/ Revenue Officer. 2 MC (of SAD) with 10-12 goondas entered office of Maj Benipal Sub Tehsildar and dictated abusively to do their work/ Regn immediately. Maj Benpal told them to behave first. Maj had unearthed their stamp papers scam there & stopped their easy money which benefited Govt by crores of Rupees. It was a planned revenge under the blessings of top Punjab SAD Politicians, Revenue Minister Ajit Singh Kohat being around.
4. MC Bains & Karwal with others dragged Maj out of Office, tore all his clothes/ naked, hit him with iron rods & sticks, broke his same injured leg & fired on his head to kill him finally. But Benipal fell down by then due to broken leg & luckily missed the bullet. Culprits thought bullet hit & killed him, so they left him & seized the area around with 400-500 men (Youth Akalies) shouting. Police was on helpless mission & never interfered to save Government servant on duty.
5. Staff dragged bleeding naked Maj Benipal in the room. Meanwhile more staff joined & realised that he can be evacuated to Hospital in Police Vehicle only. Even Police took 45 Minutes to cover 10 minute route to hospital due to mobs of SAB workers blocking traffic.
6. One Goonda was never arrested though entering all Govt/ Police Offices challenging even Police & the one arrested was kept in AC room as VIP served Samosas & Jalebis by Police. This looks to be a fit case for Central rule in Punjab.
7. Other details you have been reading in papers.
8. After sharing Rally for 2-3 hrs with Punjab Revenue staff, we went to DC Office & handed over a joint memorandum. DC kept sitting on chair & received it casually. Brig Toor, Col Bhag Singh, Col sohi with 3 more Offrs handed over the memorandum to DC.
9. Rally Photos attached as above.
With Regards,
Col SS Sohi (Retd)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Link to Maha Rally part 3 ...12 Apr 2009

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